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Linux / Re: Ubuntu Server install
« on: 18 May, 2017, 12:42:04 AM »
One service that I highly recommend is sshd. There is an option in one of the screen to install it. OpenSSH server.

A few useful commands for controlling Boinc from the command line:

Code: [Select]
sudo service boinc-client start
Code: [Select]
sudo service boinc-client stop
Code: [Select]
sudo service boinc-client restart
Code: [Select]
sudo service boinc-client status
When entering text on command line you can use the arrow keys for editing it and tab for name completion.

up arrow will bring previous commands back.

So if you had entered sudo service boinc-client stop hit the up arrow and backspace over op and enter art and you will have sudo service boinc-client start

If you type /var/lib/boi [TAB] the line will complete for you and you will see /var/lib/boinc-client/

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Linux / Install Linux from USB stick
« on: 17 May, 2017, 10:53:50 PM »
Just a short FYI.

If you have Mint installed there are 2 programs for this:

USB Stick Formatter
USB Image Writer

There is another program called Disks that will do both tasks, it is also on Ubuntu Mate install and probably installed by most Ubuntu based distros.

If your needs are different here is a comprehensive guild:

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Linux / Ubuntu Server install - Headless w/o GUI
« on: 17 May, 2017, 10:29:08 PM »
With temps now getting up to the 90s most of my farm is shut down and what remains runs only at night. I use this time of year to move hardware around and do new installs. Decided to install Ubuntu Server on one machine and Ubuntu Mate on another. It had Mint on it and it was OK but I find the menu lag annoying and I like Ubuntu Mate on another machine so  it got a new install. Also wanted to change hard drives in it.

Most of my hardware is dated. The 2 dual quad core servers that have been running Ubuntu Server for about 6 years now have been 100% always.   No issues and still running fine. So I decided to add a quad core Opteron to the Ubuntu Server count. It had been many years since I installed server and I remembered little of what the processes was like. What kinda surprised me was how fast it went. The download was like 850 megs and of course it did not have the countless libraries and binaries needed to run a GUI as well as not all the word processor, spreadsheet, games and other unnecessary cruft a dedicated headless cruncher doesn't need.

For those curious of what the process is like I found a site that documents all the steps to installing server with pics.

Then it was just a few commands and it was done.

To get IP# for BoincTasks

Code: [Select]
Get Updates

Code: [Select]
sudo apt-get update
Code: [Select]
sudo apt-get upgrade
Install and configure Boinc for BoincTasks

Code: [Select]
sudo apt-get install boinc-client
Code: [Select]
cd /etc/boinc-client
Code: [Select]
sudo nano remote_hosts.cfg
Enter IP# of BoincTask host

To write and close nano


I like to use Boinctui and htop so I installed those.

Code: [Select]
sudo apt-get install htop boinctui

Tip: When at the server and you need more than one screen use ALT F2 and it will give you another login. ALT F3 and etc for more.

Pics below show why I like Ubuntu Server especially on older hardware. Uses little memory, work units get more CPU time, less disk space needed and the system is just quieter with far less going on. Uses 245 megs ram with 4 tasks running, tasks getting max CPU % and used 1.5 gigs disk space.

Anyway to each his own. But this has worked very well for me for about 6 years or so.  ^)(^

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Crunchers café / Re: Happy BirthDay BlueStang
« on: 04 May, 2017, 11:11:26 PM »

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Crunchers café / Re: FOOD FAVOURITES or ideas
« on: 04 April, 2017, 02:43:01 PM »
If you like Asian noodles but don't like spicey hot these Indonesian noodles are great. Cheap, quick and very very tasty. Great to throw other things in like egg, veggies or meat. Comes in many different flavors.
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Linux / Re: Mint Login Hack
« on: 03 April, 2017, 11:44:22 PM »
PG, will Linux run hyper-threading automatically??   The boxes in question have settled down and have behaved well today :D  Computers are fun :)

You are obviously not paying attention.  |&)

Yes it should use hyper-threading automatically.  ><{
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Linux / Re: Mint Login Hack
« on: 03 April, 2017, 09:16:33 PM »
You might want to check your BIOS settings for anything dealing with sleep mode, power saving or the like. I turn all that stuff off.

When the keyboard and mouse no longer work have you tried unplugging them and plugging them back in?

ain't 'puters fun?  :41:
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Linux / Re: Mint Login Hack
« on: 01 April, 2017, 08:13:01 PM »
USUALLY you go to the User settings and check off something about not needing a password, or auto login or no password required.

This is the problem with so many GUI/Window managers, each does things a little different. Post if ya cannot find something like that.

An accurate example of the length of my memory. [|:}
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Linux / WD PiDrive Node Zero
« on: 27 March, 2017, 01:33:40 AM »
"The WD PiDrive Node Zero is a compact, all-in-one unit that includes a WD PiDrive connected to a Raspberry Pi Zero through a custom adapter board with 2 USB ports. This unit offers an affordable, low-power storage node with on-board compute capabilities. Ideal for video recording, data logging, offline analytics, and applications where stand-alone operation are needed because of network limitations or privacy/security restrictions."

comes with:
WD PiDrive 314GB
Raspberry Pi Zero
USB Adapter board
microSD card (with preloaded software)
mini HDMI adapter cable


Create Your Own Raspberry Pi Home Network Music System

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Networks and security / Re: VPN's
« on: 25 March, 2017, 12:42:25 AM »
A big article at Ars Technica over all this mess. Much good info.

How ISPs can sell your Web history—and how to stop them

One thing I do not think I have mentioned that is very important. Make sure your DNS is not leaking when using your VPN service. Your ISP will still know where you are going if your VPN service is not providing DNS. PIA has a setting for this. Make sure IPV6 is also set to not leak DNS.  There are web sites that can test this. Also  might want to make sure your web browser is not leaking info as well, most do at default settings.

Browser test:

Good info for even preventing most gov. tracking:

DNS leak test:

More info:

Test to see if your email provider provides your IP to recipient:
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Linux / Re: Beginners Guide To Linux
« on: 25 March, 2017, 12:16:32 AM »
Mint is very popular with Windows users. A good solid distro with a conservative method of updates. Less prone to breaking things.

I like Ubuntu Mate. Mint built on Ubuntu and Ubuntu is built on Debian. So all very similar. They all have different desktops or graphical GUIs. Mate, Cinnamon, Gnome etc. Pick  the desktop you like as what is underneath will all be very similar.
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Linux / Beginners Guide To Linux
« on: 21 March, 2017, 05:18:24 AM »
Beginners Guide To Linux
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Crunchers café / Re: Made me Laugh
« on: 12 March, 2017, 05:37:24 PM »
Woman overwhelmed by a lot of peckers.  <-->
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Networks and security / Privacy Tools
« on: 17 February, 2017, 11:47:24 AM »
I've used this site a lot. Has tons of info on security and privacy as well as tests to see if your browser is leaking your IP while using a VPN, and how to fix it. Covers apps, OSes, VPN and email providers and a lot more.
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Crunchers café / Re: XS DC Competition (Jan - Feb 2017)
« on: 06 February, 2017, 09:44:00 PM »
golumb ruler
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